Friday, February 24, 2017

Oh So Rosy

Life is so rosy with Rosy!

You can see she's scared, but I admire how she stops her crying to scoot just a little, cry some more, scoot some more.  I can relate to those feelings...


Jane: "Awwww!"

Flex Some Muscle

Life.  Yikes, it's complex, isn't it?  Good days, bad days, life-changing events, boring normal events we don't even remember. I'm not the best example of being in touch with my feelings, or recognizing stress, but I think we all have those moments of feeling sad, powerless, happy, and often grateful.  

Looking back on the last few years, and especially this past year, I am amazed at how much has happened.  This morning while reflecting, I realized something. The daily tests of emotional and physical strength slowly build up stamina and ability.  When we need those muscles and "muscles" - speaking figuratively - they are there ready to work for us, lifting us and carrying us through whatever new thing life is throwing at us.  It's kinda like this... 

I don't have a regular exercise program, except wrestling three kids and a diaper bag. Yet, I'm constantly doing things that test and try my muscles.  And this morning, looking in the mirror, I discovered this.... 

No way!  How cool is that!?!?  Kinda feel like saying, "Bring it!"

We don't have to be body builders - speaking figuratively too - to be strong.  We don't have to go through a constant barrage of tough things to be strong enough to handle our own personal burdens.  Each one of us, day by day, is testing and trying our limits and slowly increasing our ability to handle whatever comes our way.  

And not only that, we all have countless family, friends, and random kind strangers who help remind us that we don't have to do it all by ourselves.  There are others who lend their strength to ours and share our tears of joy or sorrow.  That is super cool.

Rosy's first word

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kidzania -- Crazy cool.

Soon after arriving in Jakarta, we decided to take the kids to Kidzania.  Nils read about it in a list of cool things to do, so we thought we'd give it a try.  It's located inside a mall where the whole family enters through "immigration", taking us to a "world" run by kids.  Kids learn by doing various activities and careers.
Kidzania main square.  I like how they make the room look bigger with the painted sky.
Jane learns about the hotel industry.

Harry had to get a "physical exam" and go through the process of getting a "driver's license" before he was allowed to drive. Pretty cool. Fill 'er up!
Jane tries out a modeling career. 
Need your windows washed?  I guess Harry wasn't worried about bonking his head...
Definitely a fun experience! The kids had a blast!

Monday, August 22, 2016


I'm tellin' ya, these kids were amazing on all of the three flights getting here. As you can see in this last flight from Seoul to Jakarta, Harry is completely out. It was great for the flight, but when we got to our new home he was the only one not sleepy. He got into a little trouble while the rest of us were unconscious. 

Our new paradise.

View from the taxi window. 
Jane's first day of school. 
The rest of these pictures are from the Indonesian independence day celebration at the American club. So fun!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Life is Sweet - Sugar Rush!

Life hasn't been dull the last few months.  Hmmm... How to describe it?  Allow me to use a previous illustration....

Lots of great things going on, so don't mistake me for complaining.  Allow me to hit some of the highlights.

During my months of pregnancy I enjoyed playing floor hockey with some local ladies.  Totally fun!! Here I am a week before the due date.

Baby born.  So very, very cute!  Delivery went well.  Recovery went well (a large part thanks to playing floor hockey!).  Nils got sick and got to stay two extra weeks. Bad for Nils; good for all of us.

During that extra time that Nils was here, we decided to buy a new house.  As of today, we are able to start moving into our new home in Providence!

I went a little crazy this year for Easter and made everyone matching outfits.  Thankfully Grandmama helped with Rosey's dress (featured in a later picture). 

Nils' grandfather died.  Papa is greatly missed.  We had the opportunity to attend his funeral all together in South Carolina.  Nils came from Afghanistan and we met him there.  We also sang a song for Papa, featuring a touching solo by Jane.  Here's a link to the recording. (Sorry, it's not captioned, but here is a link to the lyrics)

Rosey's blessing/Easter dress made by Grandmama.  We were able to bless Rosey during Nils' recent visit. And as luck would have it, she was blessed on Uncle Toby's birthday!

In other news... We have (almost) sold our townhouse!  It's currently under contract with one of the cutest, most enthusiastic buyers I've ever seen.  We feel very fortunate that things have worked out so well. 
 Because Nils has had to live thousands of miles away from his family these past months, we are taking a family vacation to Ireland in May!  It still seems too good to be true.  Looking forward to having pictures to post of that trip!

Monday, November 30, 2015


Before we launch headlong into the whirlwind of festivities over the coming weeks,  I'd like to give a nod to autumn and the fun things we did.  Here they are... not particularly in chronological order.

Just behind our house on the River Walk.  Ahh... so pretty!
The kids making witches' brew, one of our Halloween activities.
Planted late, here is the fruit of our labor from seeds given to me by my dear friend in Maryland, Sarah.
Jane dressed up for Halloween. 
Harry dressed up for Halloween ... (Jane being the wind beneath his wings -- I mean cape!)

Jane's kindergarten class put on a little play of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, renamed The Three Nanny Goats Gruff.  Jane got to play the part of the biggest nanny goat - "Big Bertha Lee".  Here she is saying her lines, which was followed by a stellar performance of harpooning the trolls with her "finger" horns.  I wasn't able to capture the action shots as well, and it was pretty much impossible to get a shot without someone wiggling.  But it wouldn't be half as cute without all those wiggles!